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Competently picked up jewelry performs several functions. First, they emphasize identity and natural beauty of the owner. Secondly, they help to make a necessary impression on people around, for example, to show success to partners in business or to fascinate representatives of an opposite sex.

Jewelry makes of various precious metals: silver, platinum, white, lemon, red gold. Gloss of metal can be also supplemented with shine semiprecious and gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, cubic zirconias, pearls, amethyst and so forth.

The following types of a jewelry differ:


  • for a neck: chains, necklace, necklaces, suspension brackets, beads;
  • for the person: earrings, piercing;
  • for hands: bracelets, silver and gold rings;
  • for hair: diadems, tiaras, crests, hairpins;
  • for a body: brooches, piercing of a navel, a chain on a waist;
  • for legs: bracelets, rings for toes.


The choice of jewelry – a matter of taste and personal preferences. However there is one unspoken rule: for once it is possible to put on no more than three jewelry, for example, earrings, a ring and a chain or a bracelet, earrings and a ring. Having decided to add the job specification with a brooch, refuse a chain and other cervical jewelry. If you like to decorate hands, you remember: a standard availability no more than three rings is considered.

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